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At last, an architectural and property firm that’s a true strategic partner

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Property has become a complex business. Not only must potential buyers and investors meet the many regulatory requirements for development and construction, they must also work through what can be a multi-levelled business case.

Look to us to help you make crucial property investment decisions in complex environments. Our focus is on evaluating and creating the potential of property and spaces to support your wider business strategy. We help you understand the potential value of each transaction. Then we deliver intelligent, pragmatic solutions that represent the best value for each property investment case.

Having established viability, we use our considerable architectural expertise to create commercially successful environments. We bring a unique mix of business intelligence, creative design thinking and a track record of tangible commercial results to every project we work on.

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RCG Realty adds specific property sales expertise

Our relationship with RCG Realty means we can deliver a fully integrated go-to-market solution. The experienced RCG Realty team can advise you on every aspect of selling, leasing, property management and property portfolio management.

Look to them for assistance with complex commercial negotiations and specialist consulting and strategy to assist your decision-making.

Making a measurable impact

We pride ourselves on delivering work that makes a measurable difference.

With Farro, we took the concept of the farmers’ market and turned it on its head to deliver fresh local produce under one roof for an urban market. Not only is the look smart and sophisticated, but creating the trademark Farro centralised deli means customers can easily interact with staff and orientate themselves from anywhere, which noticeably enhances their customer journey throughout the stores.

Rotorua Central is a great example of how we work with our clients to unlock financial value. What was once an abandoned railway yard is now a powerful, regional shopping destination beside a vibrant CBD shopping and hospitality area. The success of this project proves that patience and vision can indeed bring about extraordinary transformation.

We helped AMI achieve their goal of being the first social, trustworthy, easy and helpful insurance offering by focusing on how we could make their environments as welcoming and interesting as possible. Their new look stores are now surprising and relevant, with retail-like intensity, meaning AMI is on their way to becoming the best “face to face” insurance offering in New Zealand.

You’ll find plenty more examples of the impacts our work is having here.


John Long Managing Director
John Lenihan Director - Architecture
Desmond Wai Director - Property
John Polkinghorne Associate Director - Research
Andy Florkowski Associate Director - Interiors
Alex Liang Associate Director - Architecture
Karen Chew Associate Director - Property Management
Stephen Chung Associate Director - Property Consultancy

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