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How do you create a flagship store for an online retailer?

The issue

Clearly is the largest online optical retailer in the world, and they have pioneered innovation in the optical industry.

They wanted to bring that excellence and innovation to the retail space and to create a flagship store that makes a statement.

The company recently revitalised their Australasian brand identity to position themselves as leaders in designer eyewear trends. Therefore, the aesthetics of the store needed to reflect the fashion forward stance of their brand.

The space would need to operate as a world class retail showroom with maximum product and brand exposure, a dedicated optometrist space, and an online bar.

They required us to source the physical location and deliver the design in a tight 5 week timeline.

Solving that

Firstly we used our property knowledge to negotiate, acquire and draft the lease of a high profile site on Queen Street.

Conducting a spatial review, we determined the optimum store layout that satisfies Clearly’s practical requirements. In conjunction, we created a retail composition that draws on the latest customer sight line and journey intelligence.

We also carried out competitor research and used these insights to create a store aesthetic unique to the New Zealand optical retailer market. As there is a tendency in the eyewear market to create predictable and clinical retail spaces, we focused on challenging and engaging our client’s customers and designed a space with innovative and unique fittings.

We custom designed a feature display wall that provides a powerful visual statement and showcases the Clearly range. Based on the convex form of an eye, with dimmers and programmable LED lights – which featured the key brand colours, the display system can be set to align with the shifting needs of the retail store; providing a continuous, visually compelling brand statement.

Another key feature of the store design is the customer service bar, crafted from American oak, it acts as a digital touch point where customers can be “informed”, “rewarded” and make a purchase.


Interior Awards Finalist 2015

As a result...

While we had a tight timeline, we managed to source materials and test different construction techniques to deliver the best result for our client.

Monochrome linear flooring was used to draw the customer into the store.  The design of the LED lighting which can be increased at night time works to light up the shop and the Clearly products making for a stunning visual display.


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