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Rainbows End

How to rejuvenate a theme park's brand experience

The issue

New Zealand’s premier theme park, Rainbow’s End, came to us at a time of high growth. The company had made major investments in their attractions, infrastructure, and brand. However, they wanted to grow the brand experience and to increase the sales of merchandise while creating a more immersive customer journey. The company turned to RCG to provide increased retail growth and help the company to continue to develop and meet their customer’s changing needs.

Solving that

We began by conducting market research and benchmarking findings against top international theme parks with similar retail parameters. We found the entrance and exit to the park is where the brand experience should be at its strongest and the best opportunity for additional merchandise and food and beverage offerings, using these insights, we worked closely with our client and their brand agency to align Rainbow’s End’s retail facilities with their visitor needs.

We designed a new entry gate way and canopy with 9 ticket stations which provide quicker service, increased sales and retail opportunities for the customer. The start of the journey reflects the brand and its values, which put the customer first; with branded touch points, such as the “Pillars of Colour” - photo opportunities are awaiting on arrival. The theme of the customer journey is already set.

We wanted the customer’s journey not to simply end when they leave. We provided an opportunity for them to purchase branded merchandise at the last point of call - the gift shop; this gives the customer the chance to purchase a tangible reminder of their visit to Rainbows End.

Rainbows End
Rainbows End
Rainbows End
Rainbows End

As a result...

The new layout has provided quicker entry into the theme park and a more immersive journey for the customer; it encourages interaction from the very start and the ability to explore branded merchandise.  As a result of this Rainbows End has seen a 300% increase in merchandise sales and a 64% increase in visitor numbers.

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