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How we designed a modern gymnasium on a tight budget

The issue

RCG has a long relationship with St Mary’s College and has partnered with the school on a number of building projects. Following the recession in 2008 it was identified that the College’s development programme would need to do “more with less” if it was to continue.

Solving that

RCG conducted a strategic review of the College’s master plan. Development priorities highlighted a need for an innovative approach to pricing, designing and constructing new buildings. After the completion of the first new build (a nine classroom block), RCG began work on an assembly facility that would give shape to the courtyard at the heart of the school.

St Mary’s College now has a cutting edge gymnasium with a range of capabilities including a competition standard international basketball court and five flexible classroom spaces, all designed to enhance student learning and physical education.

The new design reflects the existing collection of buildings on site. With views across Auckland, the harbour and the rest of the college these vistas provide a sense of place, connecting the students and staff to their city and community.

Awards - 2014 PCNZ Excellence Award
st marys gym ponsonby
St Mary's Gymnasium
st marys gym ponsonby toilet changing
St Marys Gymnasium
St Mary's Gymnasium
st marys gym ponsonby
St Mary's Gymnasium
St Mary's Gymnasium

As a result...

A more compact master plan was produced, and the prioritisation of new builds to match both the college’s roll expansion and their mission. An innovative partnering, procurement and design process has meant that significantly more teaching space is now being delivered to tight budgets, with no loss of architectural quality.

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