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What do bikes have to do with banking?

The issue

The Co-operative Bank aspires to be leaders in mobile banking, striving to provide a truly digital experience for their customers. They approached us to deliver an experiential kiosk to achieve on site new-join ups, initiation of product sales through digital, and capabilities to support marketing and social media through a fun interactive initiative.

Solving that

To drive a truly immersive experience for customers and draw attention of passers-by, the 'cycle for cash' kiosk alludes to the parallel of mobile and progression through bikes with custom built electronics to monitor the distance the customer pedals, provides visual progress through overhead lights. On completion of the cycle, the kiosk highlights the amount of cash the customer will be rewarded with should they open a new account.

The challenging open-structure and compact footprint of the kiosk required careful design to utilise and maximise all space. It showcases both ambient and functional elements, including ‘homely’ seated areas for staff/customer engagement, an outdoor timber structure reflecting the form of a classic Kiwi shed, interchangeable POS and digital signage components that allow convenient display of messages and products.

To ensure brand recognition from all angles of the kiosk, The Co-operative Bank's colour palette is emphasised throughout the design, fittings and fixtures, plus logo execution including a ‘live wall’ representation. To promote sustainability, the kiosk was designed in modules, allowing for easy disassembly or transport to another location rather than a re-build.

Coop Kiosk
Coop Kiosk
Coop Kiosk
Coop Kiosk
Coop Kiosk

As a result...

This is a retail environment that has exceeded the clients’ expectations and was within budget.  Delivered on time via a successful collaboration the kiosk has proven to be a viable commercial solution, and it offers an engaging, fun, tech-savvy, fitness-led innovation for The Co-operative Bank's customers. It is the epitome of their purpose; to change banking for good and to further drive their digital platform.

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